Tips for promoting the GP Patient Survey

The more people respond to their invitation to take part in the survey, the better the quality of information we have about experiences of using general practice.

There are some simple things practices can do to promote the survey, that could help to achieve a higher response rate:


Display posters from before Christmas through to the end of March each year to raise awareness about the survey. You can download these, free of charge and in a range of languages that are appropriate for your local population, from the bottom of this page.

Your website

Put something on your website during the fieldwork to tell your patients about the survey. If they receive a questionnaire, they might not be sure it is genuine or whether it is worth completing it, so it would help if you are openly encouraging them to take part. Let them know how you have used results from previous surveys to improve services for everyone. The survey team can provide you with a branded webpage banner and some sample text about the survey if you request it from

Social media

Talk about the survey on your Twitter feed or Facebook page to spark interest and encourage participation. Let your patients know that their feedback is important to you and makes a difference. You can request a Facebook or Twitter image that you can use alongside your comments by emailing

Patient participation group (PPG)

Make sure your PPG is aware of when the survey is happening so that they can help get the word out in their conversations with patients.

Local press

Why not enlist the help of your local press or radio station by sending out a short news release to tell patients in the area when the survey will be underway. Include some examples of how you use the survey findings, alongside other feedback such as the Friends and Family Test, to make continuous improvements in your services. Also include a quote, or offer the media an interview, to make the information more personal.

Download copies of the GPPS posters in English or 14 other languages below.

Please note these posters are A3, if you wish to print on A4, you may need to adjust your print settings.