Why use the GP Patient Survey data?

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    It's reliable

    The GPPS offers reliable patient experience data

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    Lots of info

    Get information covering all aspects of patient experience

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    The GPPS site offers tools to make your job easier

Why should I care about the GPPS data?

  • The GPPS is the only patient experience survey that's standardised across the country. Sound, statistically-valid results are available for most practices in the UK (wherever enough patients have responded), so you can compare your patients' experiences with those of other practices and across your CCG in a meaningful way.

  • The survey is robust. Ipsos MORI is a leading independent UK research company - learn more about Ipsos MORI’s credentials, or read the GPPS technical annex to learn about how the survey is run.

What information can I find in the survey results?

  • The results cover all aspects of patient experience, including staff (GPs, nurses and reception) and systems (telephone, appointment booking and out of hours care).

  • Respondents also answer questions about demographics and their health.

  • Weighted results or weighted data is available for every practice - this data has been adjusted to provide a statistically-valid picture of how all patients at a practice might feel if everyone has responded. (Learn more about weighted data and why it’s useful in our FAQ.) Raw, unweighted data is also available if you'd prefer to see the original responses.

How can the GPPS site help me?

  • Type in your practice name to get your practice overview page - it gives you a quick, clear view of what you’re doing best and what you could improve compared to the rest of your CCG, along with the response rate for your practice. Show it to patient groups, or print it out and stick it on your notice board.

  • Filter results by what you care about and explore responses from groups of patients you might not normally hear from: you can see patients' experience by age, gender, ethnicity and 15 different medical conditions.

  • See how you compare to the average score for practices in your CCG. All results are colour coded (green for above CCG average, amber for below) and you can type in the names of neighbouring practices to see how they’re doing.

  • Promote the survey in your practice - download a poster for your notice board to encourage your patients to take part, and make your results even more informative next time the survey is carried out.