How Do I... ?

See key results for my CCG

Download your CCG slide pack for 2020 here to view key questions with comparative 2018 and 2019 data, where available.

See all results at CCG level

Excel spreadsheets for current and past publications of the data are available here. You can download spreadsheets with all the results for every CCG. You can use the filter arrows in the spreadsheet (beside the CCG columns) to see results for one CCG or a range of CCGs.

Analyse results at CCG level

Use the analysis tool to view bespoke results for your CCG. Enter a CCG name to create charts and tables for a single or multiple questions, add filters (e.g. gender or age), and compare with other CCGs or national data.

Use the tool to create crosstabulations, comparing questions against other questions in table format. For example, what patients who did not take the appointment offered did instead by level of concern about their health.

Download results for my CCG

Use the analysis tool to download selected results from bespoke analysis for your CCG in Excel or PowerPoint format.