Results from the 2018 survey

Gladstone Med Ctr

241 Old Chester Road, Rock Ferry,Birkenhead, CH42 3TD

Where patient experience is best

    • 91% of respondents say they have had enough support from local services or organisations in the last 12 months to help manage their long-term condition(s)

      Local (CCG) average: 83%National average: 79%

    • 68% of respondents were offered a choice of appointment when they last tried to make a general practice appointment

      Local (CCG) average: 63%National average: 62%

    • 90% of respondents felt the healthcare professional recognised or understood any mental health needs during their last general practice appointment

      Local (CCG) average: 90%National average: 87%

Where patient experience could improve

    • 60% of respondents were satisfied with the type of appointment they were offered

      Local (CCG) average: 79%National average: 74%

    • 74% of respondents say the healthcare professional they saw or spoke to was good at listening to them during their last general practice appointment

      Local (CCG) average: 93%National average: 89%

    • 74% of respondents describe their overall experience of this GP practice as good

      Local (CCG) average: 90%National average: 84%

Comparisons to the local (CCG) or national average may not be statistically significant.

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