Results from the 2017 survey

The Health Centre

Park Road, Tarporley, CW6 0BE

What this practice does best

    • 92% of respondents find it easy to get through to this surgery by phone

      Local (CCG) average: 70%National average: 71%

    • 95% of respondents describe their experience of making an appointment as good

      Local (CCG) average: 76%National average: 73%

    • 98% of respondents were able to get an appointment to see or speak to someone the last time they tried

      Local (CCG) average: 86%National average: 84%

What this practice could improve

    • 88% of respondents say the last nurse they saw or spoke to was good at treating them with care and concern

      Local (CCG) average: 93%National average: 91%

    • 96% of respondents had confidence and trust in the last nurse they saw or spoke to

      Local (CCG) average: 98%National average: 97%

Comparisons to the local (CCG) or national average may not be statistically significant.

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