Frequently asked questions

Can I complete the survey in any other languages?

Yes, you can complete the survey in Arabic, Bengali, Czech, French, Gujarati, Mandarin, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Slovak, Somali, Spanish, Turkish or Urdu.

Links for completing the survey online in each language are available here. Click on the language of your choice to find the online survey link for that language.

You can also complete the survey in another language by calling the following telephone numbers:

  • Arabic - 0800 819 9136
  • Bengali - 0800 819 9137
  • Czech - 0800 819 9138
  • French - 0800 819 9139
  • Gujarati - 0800 819 9140
  • Mandarin - 0800 819 9141
  • Polish - 0800 819 9142
  • Portuguese - 0800 819 9143
  • Punjabi - 0800 819 9144
  • Slovak - 0800 819 9145
  • Somali - 0800 819 9146
  • Spanish - 0800 819 9147
  • Turkish - 0800 819 9148
  • Urdu - 0800 819 9149

Please note that only one response per patient can be accepted.

What is the Plain English Campaign? Why are they involved in the survey?

The Plain English Campaign works to encourage organisations to provide clear and concise information. Ahead of the 2017 survey, Ipsos MORI worked with the Plain English Campaign to make sure the survey letters are easy for all participants to understand, using clear and simple language. These letters have been awarded the Crystal Mark. More information about the Crystal Mark is available here.

What is the BSL symbol on the front page of the questionnaire?

The BSL symbol on the front page of the questionnaire is the logo for British Sign Language.

British Sign Language (BSL) is the most common form of Sign Language in Britain. As a language BSL has its own grammatical structure and syntax, and it is not dependent on or closely related to spoken English.

Further information about the GP Patient Survey and an online version of the survey is available in British Sign Language via the BSL User page.

The online survey is also fully compatible with W3C accessibility standards.

The questionnaire is available in large print or Braille upon request.

What is Text Relay?

Text Relay is a service which helps people who are deaf, hard of hearing or speech impaired communicate over the phone by converting speech into text, or text into speech. When a person calls the helpline using Text Relay they type their message, and this will go through a text relay assistant who reads the message out to the helpline operator, and vice versa. Or, they will go straight through to the helpline text relay phone and the helpline staff will respond similarly via text. More information about Text Relay is available on the Next Generation Text Service website.

You can use the Text Relay service to contact our helpline.

What is an easy read questionnaire?

The easy read questionnaire aims to help people who have difficulty reading and understanding written English to take part in the survey, including some people who have a learning disability. The easy read questionnaire uses plain language, a simple layout and pictures to illustrate the meaning of the text. We designed the easy read questionnaire with Mencap, a charity that supports people with learning disabilities.