Frequently asked questions

Please note the survey has now closed.

When are the results published?

2019 results will be published on 11th July 2019.

What changes have been made to the survey in 2018 and why?

The GP Patient Survey questionnaire was redeveloped for the 2018 survey to reflect changes in the delivery of general practice services. These changes will affect how patients and the public experience their local services, and as such we needed to ensure that the GP Patient Survey remains relevant in this context, and continues to ask about the right things and in the right way. As a consequence, questions across the survey have been modified, and in some cases removed or replaced. The questionnaire redevelopment process is fully documented in the questionnaire development report. In addition, for the first time the sample included 16-17 year olds to improve the inclusivity of the survey.

To inform this process, NHS England consulted a wide range of users of the survey, including commissioners, GPs and patients.

Can we compare results across years?

Due to the many changes to the questionnaire, even for questions with unchanged wording and the same response options, context effects can affect the way patients respond. This is because changes to the questionnaire sections or individual questions across the survey can alter the way respondents answer. This in combination with the inclusion of 16 and 17 year olds means that the majority of questions are not comparable with results from previous publications, even where question wording remains similar.

For more information on which questions are comparable, including the analyses conducted on this and the impact of these changes, please refer to the survey technical report. Details of all changes to the design of the GP Patient Survey (from July 2016 onwards) relating to the methodology, questionnaire content and associated data treatment, as well as organisational structure are recorded in the change log.

Please note, this document was introduced for the July 2016 publication; changes prior to this date are not reflected in the content. A separate document, available here, details changes to the mailout strategy and questionnaire for fieldwork in July-September 2015 and the impact on January 2016 results.

Where can I learn about the results of my practice/local area?

The latest results are published on this website: enter a practice name or postcode to find a practice and view the latest results.

Where can I find survey results from previous years?

The results of previous GP Patient Surveys can be found here.

Will practices get a copy of the results?

We do not send a copy of the results to every GP surgery. However, they will all be informed of the publication of the latest GP Patient Survey data and can access their own results via the website.

Where are the data about out-of-hours now available?

The questions on out-of-hours care were redeveloped in 2015 to reflect changes in the way these services are being delivered. The new questions reflect the fact that in most cases GP practices don’t deliver out-of-hours services, but rather they are run by local healthcare organisations. As such we no longer present these results on the individual practice pages or the practice comparison tool. The data for these questions can be found on the analysis tool or in the Excel reports.